Told to work after office closed for Xmas

Dear LMcD, hope you’re enjoying your Christmas break. How pathetic that you decided to spend your vacation looking at your team’s performance reviews that they turned in on Tuesday. Clearly you don’t have anything better to do. And what kind of power trip are you on to email your team after close of business requesting more information for your performance review, due by 10am Christmas Eve? Sorry, bitch, I’ve got a family to spend the holidays with. How sad you can’t say the same.

LMcD, you’re a fucking head case. I’m sure you were livid to get my response that I would not be working over the holidays when you snapped your finger. As I said, I’ll get to it when I get back after Christmas. I thought about just ignoring your latest code red, high priority email, but decided I don’t want to be passive aggressive. I’m clear on what my priorities are, and stroking your ego isn’t on the list. Looking forward to following up with you in person about this! I hope I get to bring HR in on your latest bullying tactic.

I hear you’re afraid you’re getting fired. See, I’m not afraid of you or what my future is at this company. Whatever happens to me, I know I’ll be just fine because I’m a top performer that people like and respect. You, on the other hand, have got a reputation that is going to make getting another job in this town very difficult

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. Karma is a bitch and people avoid you like the plague. Go to hell.

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