Stupid drivers cut me off while working as a cart pusher

I’m a cart pusher and I’m tired of having to deal with shitty ass drivers in the parking lot. People are so damn selfish and inconsiderate.

Yesterday, while I’m on a job, some dumb bitch driving a cranberry car came out of nowhere and recklessly cuts in front of me while I’m pushing 20 stacks of shopping carts with my cart manager, and then honks at me as if I’m at fault all because she’s the one in a goddamn hurry, so I honked back for 5 long seconds. Why should I have to move for you when you’re the one who decided to get in my lane and cut me off, causing me to rear-end you? I’m not about to risk a lawsuit or my life because of you.

This is why I’m always super stressed out and frustrated. You don’t know what’s it like to work for 4 hours in a busy parking lot. The last thing I wanna do is to cause an accident. But unfortunately, there are so many shitty drivers out there that are purposely waiting for an accident to happen. I don’t understand people.

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