You fucking egotistical, lazy-ass bitch! I honestly do not know where to begin with you. Your laziness and blatant lying have put you on the chopping block to be fired more than once but through sheer luck you avoided it. You are a lazy hypocrite who lied to the boss’s face and guess what? He knew you were lying! It took him 5 minutes to figure it out that only were not doing anything but were lying about all of the “projects” that you finished. You were too busy yapping away or stuffing your face to bother doing your job. Even the boss, a spineless wuss, was on the verge of firing you! Every goddamn day you brag about how great you are, listening in on other peoples private conversations, gossiping about your co-workers personal matters, and ratting out to the boss every tiny piece of dirt you overhear.

But one thing that really pisses me off? I worked very hard to get rid of someone called bitch 2, someone who was just a tiny bit worse than you and was hated by every single person in the work place. It took months but I finally convinced her to quit and go on to a better and higher-paying workplace. I won and best of all I made her think it was her idea to leave. And the next day you swagger your fat-ass in and claim to everyone that it was all you! You lie to everyone that you had gotten the most universally hated person to leave, when you did jack shit (I know what you did because your were dumb enough to do it in front of me, the one responsible for getting rid of her). If anything, you probably kept her around even longer because she saw a kindred spirit in you.

You are a liar, a hypocrite, and these last couple of weeks you have somehow gotten even lazier and more entitled. You are truly a piece of shit and I hope to never see you again you lying, lazy, hypocritical pile of crap.

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