Lack of insight

There are two of you, so you would hope you could help each other be better people, even if you are blind to your own bullshit. You are both self-obsessed, and you both on a daily basis say how good you are at

a) your job, and
b) as human beings.

One thing I have learned is that this is not for you to judge. If you have to repeatedly tell everyone you are amazing, you’re probably not.

For one, you have no time to do anything that might help anyone else, as you are too busy congratulating yourselves. No one else congratulates you, and rather than taking this as a clue to reality, you both increase the time that exists to congratulate yourselves, and occasionally each other. Sometimes, your insight leads you to comment on the fact that no-one else congratulates you, both with hurt expressions and quivering bottom lips. You then loudly congratulate yourselves and each other again. You will inevitably then criticise everyone else for not being great like you. Smiling and sighing with a deep sense of pleasure. This carries on to the end of the working day, where no tangible progress has been made to benefit clients or the organisation.

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