Dear Employer,

During this quarantine, I am appreciative that you have allowed people to work from home… even though you did try to fight the shut down stating you are an essential business when in actuality ALL of your competitors operate almost 90% remotely on a regular basis. It is not necessary for our work to be completed in the office. (if you even have competitors at this point)

My issue is the emails….. the DE-motivational emails threatening people that if they don’t work…. something will happen (I know you have no idea what that actually is)… I am working. I am, like millions of others, also trying to navigate new learning platforms for my children, cooking, cleaning, trying to stay sane and safe.

The last damn thing I want to read at 7am… is another BS “threat” about times we should be clocked in and how if we don’t meet productivity something bad will happen. SOMETHING BAD IS HAPPENING AHOLES!

I have 4 new learning platforms that I have to figure out with an 8 year old on a refurbished laptop that I had to buy last week because I get paid peanuts…. so FU.

Maybe, stop hiring your drinking buddies, neighbors and friends. THEY are the ones doing nothing. They did nothing in the office… but they were allowed to work from home when they wanted. Now you’re going to threaten your entire team because you can’t stand up to Linda and Joan from down the street because you’ve coddled them for years and now it’s very clear that they haven’t been working?

That’s not my problem. I have closed my Outlook all together. I don’t care WHAT you have to say. I’m not reading mess like that in the morning. All you’re doing is monitoring people…. if you were computer literate you would know how to do that and not send threatening emails.

Stay in the ’80s…. when this all blows over. I will be looking for another job full time from home.

– an actual worker that’s not a drinking buddy.

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