I hate you

You are a total twat waffle. Rude as fuck and a total white trash piece of shit. You are the lead because you are too obnoxious and your disdain for all of us is readily apparent. Sorry you didn’t get the lead tech position… clearly, you just aren’t the “most qualified” applicant… lol. Honestly, I spent many shifts prepping your competition to get the job… and he did, because he isn’t a little cunt like you.

Anyhow, I’ve spoken to other people at work and it is universally understood that you are a fucking bitch. I know you’re just unhappy in your own life and you know that you’re not the top dog in the pharmacy. Guess what, bitch, you’re replaceable. Our inventory is in the shit because you’ve been in charge… no common sense. You think you’re special, but when you are gone, we will have your replacement in a hot second. Fuck you!

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