Hateful coworkers can f** right off!

Though I don’t have the most seniority, I am the most capable tech in the pharmacy. Two of my coworkers are tragically lazy and inept…mean to customers, unable to deal properly with insurance rejections and just “basic bitches.” They tell all the pharmacists who float to the store that I’m lazy…and at the end of the night, the pharmacists tell me what they said and wonder how they can say such things when I’m doing a great job. So I hate them. And always will.

My new boss knew what terrible people they were when she took the job at our store but now they have snowed her into thinking they are trying and I’m just the shit that won’t make small talk with them. No fucking way will I ever forgive their behavior over the last six months and act like I give a crap whether they live or die. I’m trying to transfer out to another store so I can have decent coworkers. All the crazies at my store deserve one another…please let me get out of there before I say something that gets me a write-up. Thank god we wear masks and nobody can see the look of disgust on my face. The customers love me and the other pharmacist and it will suck to have to transfer, bit I deserve better colleagues. Fml

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