Fuck work!

Oh my fucking God. I have work soon and I am honestly dreading it. I work at a movie theater which isn’t so bad in itself but I am just tired. Sick of it, really. Tired of the stupid upselling policy in which we have to ask guests if they want to make their medium drink a large for fifty cents more. It just contributes to the diabetes and obesity epidemics in America. The food is overpriced crap. My co-workers are fairly nice but I’m not too attached to any of them. I get annoyed by the lazy ass ones who don’t do their goddamn job – they literally just hide in a theater on their phone or watch movies. Why go to work if you’re not gonna do your freaking job?

My bosses are pretty chill but I have this one manager who acts sweet and nice but can pull a 180 and be a complete cunt rug when you ask her to do something that is PART OF HER JOB like help a guest with a problem you can’t answer, and looks at me with contemptuous eyes and a haughty condescending glare like bitch, who do you think you are?! Star Wars is coming up and I’m excited yet dreading it because we’re just gonna get more customers who are in a rush, who are bitches and assholes and who feel entitled. I don’t care if you were stupid enough to pay 13.50 to see a movie and $50+ to buy overpriced microwave food, but you can’t treat me like shit. Just because I’m at work doesn’t mean I have to take your bullcrap nasty attitudes

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Lastly I just feel like this job is literally ruining my self esteem, like it makes me feel stupid and hate myself half the time, and gets in the way of enjoying life and my happiness. I want to quit soon but I’m scared to. I hate that quitting is my go-to solution whenever I have a problem. But I have no idea. I just don’t like it. This felt good to get out.

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