F***ing karma!

Fucking karma you asshole! You lied to me for two and a half years, manipulated me into working a demeaning position, gave positions I wanted to newbies who didn’t even have half of my experience, and treated me like shit! You did this for two and a half years, while pretending to be a nice and understanding guy the whole time. You were dumb enough to date one of your employees in secret (Who was also one of the managers) and then got engaged to her! You pissed off so many of your employees because you couldn’t keep it professional in your pants!

You lost your ownership of the business and now whatever you are doing now is nowhere near as glamorous as being able to say you own a business. And guess what, you fucking deserve it. Your damn practices were making the workplace more and more difficult because you couldn’t leave anything as it was. You always had to get in the way, and always had to try and make things “better”. No what you were actually doing was placing more and more unreasonable demands on your employees. You wasted valuable funds on projects that did not need to be done and wasted money when financial situations were already tight enough. When I found out you were forced to sell your ownership, I laughed. Loudly. I am still laughing because you got the disgrace that you deserve.

Everything came back to bite you in the ass. Karma is a bitch ain’t it?

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