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I hate coming to work in the morning, this place is so full of backstabbers. I am writing on behalf of several employees who have expressed concern over the problems we have had in receiving our checks on the last day of the month. Of course all of us have financial obligations we must meet on a regular basis, so we count on getting paid on that day. The delays during the past months have caused a great deal of frustration, and I fear that employee morale is suffering. Some even fear that the company will not stay in business long.

It would be very helpful if someone could explain what has delayed check preparation, and otherwise allay the fears that many have

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. I wonder if, in addition, it might be possible to begin printing checks a few days earlier to allow for problems that may come up.

Thank you for hiring a receptionist to answer phones and handle occasional typing assignments; unfortunately, neither task is being done satisfactorily. Apparently, he is unaware of the full scope of his assignment. For several weeks now, the Vice President’s secretary has been sending people to do his copying on our machine. We want to cooperate, but sometimes they occupy the machine for two or three hours, making our own people wait. At this rate we are falling behind in our own work, and our production figures are suffering.

Would it be possible for the Company to buy another copy machine, either for our use, or for the Vice President’s projects? I suppose his secretary could send people to other offices, but it would simply mean transferring the problem to someone else.

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