F*** you both

From being two giant babies, with misplaced confidence, and card carrying bullies, you are now acting like you care.

When I had to placate you and beg you to behave like adults, coaxing you to do your jobs, desperately hoping you might at least try, without giving backchat and veiled insults to everyone else, you were grinning from ear to ear.

Now, I have left my duties that meant I was responsible for you. Now we’re on the same level, through my choice. Now I do not smile at you or take your bullshit. I won’t play your games, I won’t be mean. I am a robot, not caring or responding to anything except what is necessary. You both hate this and keep poking and pushing for a reaction. You make semi formal complaints that I am not kind or friendly. But I don’t care, I am not paid to be your friend, I am paid to work, and that’s what I will do. It will show you up, it will make you feel like shit, but that’s your problem.

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