You really need to give me space, boss. Like seriously. I used to respect you before. Just because I am your right hand and you’re so dependent on me to get revenues and make profits does NOT mean that you can bully me, push me around and treat me like your dirt mat. NO you do not have the right to scream and shout at me. And no you can not just tell me to do something which I’m already opposed to, then later change your mind because your plans SUCK.

Wait, you don’t plan. You have mood swings. And you expect that I’ll be a yes-man for every mood swing and take the blame for anything that goes wrong once you go back on your own word

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. No, I will not take it. We’re not making money or profits? Well guess who takes away 50% of the revenues we earn in terms of salary? YOU. Maybe you should take a pay cut. You sit, do nothing, and draw more than twice of what the rest of the office combined earns. What business acumen do you have? Or what strategies? Are you bringing incremental revenues? Are you bringing any strategy? Are you doing ANYTHING good for the business? Just admit that you cannot handle this job and quit. With whatever dignity you have left intact.

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