Ready to dump my colleague/boyfriend

Location: United Kingdom
Job: IT nerd

Since working from home in lockdown alongside my boyfriend, I’ve realised that I really don’t like his work persona one fucking bit! He drives me up the sodding wall all day long- we live in a 1-bed flat so difficult to escape overhearing the shite he pumps out over Zoom every day!
If he doesn’t get back in the office soon, I will not be responsible for my actions….

Raaaaarrrgh! Fucking moron.


Shut the f*** up

Location: Hell
Job: Work bitch

You are an overgrown man baby. Seriously… WTF is wrong with you?! Arrgghhhh! You drive me insane!

How old are you? Probably about 60, and yet you are worse than my kids. Grow the fuck up, you massive tit of an excuse!


Are you stupid?

Job: Admin Grunt

Why oh why would you give them all leave at the same time? You couldn’t supervise shit. You’re gonna have one person in and you expect them to do the work of 6 people??? Are you serious??? Not happening…. I got coffee in hand and feet up… chilling with tunes on…. good luck explaining to senior management why nothing’s been done today arsehole.


Doormat is fed up

Location: Hell
Job: Admin

Sick and tired of my manager. We are all currently in the same boat and having to work from home due to the current pandemic. My manager makes it sound like she is just so “busy” that she just can’t afford to spend time on certain tasks. Instead she will 9/10 send me tasks that she should be doing considering the fact that she is the manager. I then have to spend hours on tasks which she should be doing herself, whilst also managing my own cases.Continue reading



Location: Somewhere
Job: Remind me

You are an administrative manager of a tiny charity. The previous people with your job title understood the brief, and effectively supported the other part-time staff by coordinating the office and procedures. You don’t. You seem to think that the charity and other staff are there to support your existence and huge, fragile ego. You refuse to do anything helpful, and instead insist on new practices that make your job easier. If you dropped dead tomorrow, we would save money, time and stress. You have effectively made this post obsolete, but have wedged yourself in so tightly we will never be free of you. We are so unlucky.