Is it really worth the stress?

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Trainer

I work for an international company currently going through restructure- making my job redundant….

They had the absolute cheek to ask me to stay on for another 6 months past my notice so they could pump me for all of my knowledge and experience over the past 8 years to train a new team.

Stupidly, I agreed and now want nothing more than to leave them right up shits creek and quit!

Shame I agreed to stay on a 35% retainer….

I really despise myself for having agreed to stay. Oh well, keep thinking of the money!!!!


Time to go

Location: Uk
Job: Please someone tell me

I think I have to go. I am so fucking tired of dicks. I am becoming a bitter person. I don’t want to be. But I can’t stand the inane, self-aggrandising bollocks anymore. Before lockdown, I could hide sometimes, keep busy with real work and let the pointless words drift over my head, and land on the floor. But now it’s all online, I have to fucking read it, pinging in to my house at all hours of the day and night. Yabber, yabber, yabber. Nothing relevant to work, nothing of interest, only pointless bollocks about people I have nothing in common with, who only care about themselves and their own shitty sanctimonious opinions.Continue reading


One year

Location: Italy
Job: Micromanaged

I have to go into work for the next three days and be micromanaged by the hateful cow that I work for. I do not know how I will get through this week without alcohol.

I love being called and told what I will be doing the next day, what the plans for my life are. Then she asks me to pick up things for the office. Always a hand in my fucking pocket. Like my bank account belongs to her. Always plucking out of it.

Bottom line, get to June. Get to July. One more year, then I can quit, all bills paid off. The house, the car…and I will take a lovely trip to Spain and dream of next steps.


The Resignation Letter I Wanted To Send

Location: US


It is with nothing but absolute joy that I submit this letter to you. For over a year, I have had the misfortune of working under complete fools. I am not just referring to the two “leaders” that were hired for , but also the network leaders who spend each workday pretending to know something about anything at all. I will not go into calling anyone out directly, but I will say I have shared ideas, advice, feedback, and potential next steps for success in our work to numerous people. However, I have spent most, if not all, of that time being overlooked, dismissed, and mistaken for [the other employee of color.]Continue reading


Big fish in little ponds – Karma is a bitch

Location: Painesville, ohio
Job: Robot as required

I’m fed up with people needing to feel important but will NEVER have the respect of the real workers that keep the organization running, yet try to demand it and try to control you even though they are soooooooo lazy and refuse to do anything that requires actual work. The CEO and “HR” (that’s actually funny) are not respected at all and are constantly being talked about, but people need their jobs so conform as expected. The management team are a joke in the public and employee eyes.