I knew it

Location: United States
Job: lab

Last year I wrote a workrant related to my boss moving to another institution and being undecided if I should move with him. It was a much better institution than the one I was in and would definitely open doors for me in the future. But he was kind of a shit boss to me, especially when it came to one particular co-worker. She would make unreasonable demands (ie. do her work for her) and then when I’d complain to my boss, he’d always take her side. I thought they were both unreasonable and that they might be related (best case scenario) or dating (worst case) since their mother tongue was the same non-english language. It definitely seemed more like the second based on their actions, but because of the 20 year age gap, and no hard proof, I kept trying to tell myself it wasn’t.Continue reading


Lazy manager given £10K payrise

Location: UK
Job: Underpaid Idiot

So I’ve just discovered my manager got a £10K payrise recently whilst my pay has remained the same even though I’m not just doing the roles I was given at the beginning of my job. I’ve previously posted on here before about how my disgusting boss is lazy, she leaves early and wastes so much time when she could be doing actual work. She was recently criticised for not producing enough work and money for the company and yet they reward her with a £10K payrise. Are you F**KING kidding me?!!Continue reading


Incompetent motherfuckers


Holy shit, I have been so sick of my work lately. There isn’t one FUCKING free day when someone doesn’t message me or even call me about some tiny stupidity they should know already. My new boss is a pain in the ass, so fucking slow with everything, I basically work as if I were multiple people now, all that’s missing is me wiping their ass because they are so useless with mundane stuff.Continue reading



Location: usa
Job: Customer Service

It’s Sunday and I so don’t want to back to work with those cackling hen c***s tomorrow. Fuck off and die you back stabbing two faced bitches! It’s Christmas and I fucking hate you. I hope you get piles of horseshit for secret fucking santa you sniveling little turds.


Now looking for a new job

Location: UK
Job: Door Mat

Absolutely fed up and sick and tired of how my boss prances around the office like she is the Queen B of this entire company. The company was brought out a few years back by a much wealthier one and all of a sudden, little Mrs Queen B became a nobody. She was forgotten about, to the point where no one in our main head office even knows her name or knows she exists. I’ve don’t care if anyone in our other branches knows my name or knows who I am, I couldn’t give too shits about them either, at the end of the day this is a work place and not where you should be primarily socialising and not doing your bloody work. She hates that no one knows who she is, but to be honest she doesn’t make any money for the company so I’m not surprised no one cares about her. She is a total laughing stock to them.Continue reading