Management is shit

Location: USA
Job: developer

Hey V and P – you are two of the most worthless pieces of shit I have ever encountered in my career. You are a couple of lying sacks of shit that throw people under the bus to cover your own incompetent asses and save yourselves from the fate you deserve. I saw that V left the company last year – good FUCKING riddance you miserable C**T. The both of you don’t ever listen to reason and the warnings that you were given that the project was going to fail. You think calling up scrum masters on their PERSONAL phone and SCREAMING at them for an hour is leadership? If you or any other of the worthless ‘leaders’ knew a goddamn thing about the cloud, you would have realized that this project would have taken much more than the time you promised it to ‘the business’.Continue reading


Arse-licking c**t of a boss

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Maintenance

What has really pissed me off at work recently is how she has all of a sudden worked her way up from an assistant to a fleet controller

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. My manager literally licks her arse all the time, investing time and money in training her to progress while I’m still doing the same shitty job I was doing when I started two and a half years ago, six months before she started may I add! Today she was having a new computer system installed which basically blocks my whole face out and all I could hear is her chuckling away asking me if I could still see her behind her 60” computer screen. Of course I fucking can’t you daft vain cow! Go and lick the manager’s balls because it’s quite obvious that’s what he wants you to do!


I hate my life

Location: Uk
Job: Engineer

I have been working for the same company for about 20 years, it requires specialist skills so it takes years to get good at your job. About 3 years ago my team leader said he was going to retire and I would get his role. Well 5 months have gone by and still no sign of any role change at all. I’m still doing the same shit I did 10 years ago. I’m bored as fuck.Continue reading


People quit bad bosses

Location: United States
Job: Operations

I dream of you getting fired and going bankrupt. You spend more time on the phone with your wife and son than you do trying to improve working conditions here. I could only hope your wife divorces you and son disowns you so you actually do the fucking work that’s needed. Not acknowledging and strong-arming employees will eventually catch up to you. You taking away dress-down Friday and working from home from me was the wrong move buddy. I hope you die of mouth and lung cancer from all the cigarettes (smoke break every half hour). I could only imagine what you put your son through. Exit planning as we speak

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. Fuck off douchebag.


Please just rot and die

Location: America
Job: Merchandiser

I know this is bad to wish this on anyone, but please just fall over and die. I just want you to leave me alone. You by doing that will make the world a much better place, by not having you as a POS

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. Just leave us in peace. Again this is for the sake of ranting not being literal. Please just die. Just do it or even better get fired and GTFO. I hate you so much you’re just a waste of air. Please just go you’re a useless supervisor. You’re doing everyone a favor by leaving.