Fired because my supervisor is a liar

Location: USA
Job: Shift Leader

Lost my job of ten years on a fabrication of lies. The underlying reason, a female coworker and I were just friends and were happy around each other. My supervisor coddled another coworker’s insecurities by overstepping boundaries making me very uncomfortable to drive a wedge between us.Continue reading


Who do you think you are?

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Team Member (STM)


I don’t know who you think you are. You come in one week and start complaining to your whole team about how your boyfriend chucked you out of the car, expecting sympathy from your managers. Working in a company like this won’t earn you any pity points, let me assure you, and it certainly won’t win over other members of your team.

Then there is the matter of unsettled trades that are completely your responsibility and you failed to check some of them properly, resulting in the transactions having to be put in again. Not as good as one of your team likes to think you are, hey?Continue reading


My everyday prayer

Location: United States
Job: Maintenance worker

Dear Lord,
Please take S and J away and send them to the other side of the city so I no longer have to deal with these awful women. They are just useless supervisor’s that make our jobs and lives very difficult

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. One does not care about the list of things we have to do to take care of by our boss. The other one throws everything away and walk like a mummy and screams like a mummy. S is just a fat cow who needs to just be left alone. So please I am begging you. I don’t want these two tyrants messing around with us anymore. They are just rude, mean, and have no clue what we really do for their assigned buildings. I’m begging you please send them to my arch nemeses. Those God forsaken @5560135 need those evil twins to cause them the grief they deserved like the ones we received from them. So please please please send them there… Amen
Twisted Sister


Broken promises

Location: USA
Job: CSR

There’s nothing quite like winning a contest at work only for management to not deliver the promised prize

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. Shame on me for actually falling for their bullshit. You can bet I’m not putting any effort into future contests.


Free water tests and last minuters

Location: USA
Job: I sell chemicals, parts and toys for pools

Today I had this customer who obviously has no life come in 10 minutes to closing and he grabs a water bottle and says “What time do you close?” I answer “In ten minutes but you can bring a water test in when we open at 9 AM” he then says “Well I have things to do. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”
One: I have a shop to close I’m not keeping it open for you
Two: Don’t you have a life (That’s my social anxiety talking)
And finally three: The doors lock at 7.Continue reading