The follow up

Location: NA
Job: Unemployed

12 weeks later I have my 15th manager. She is OK but the same shitty problems exist

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. On my last few days of work I joke with people that the next time I see them I will shoot certain people up and certain people are safe. Ha ha – it is all a joke. 19:30 tonight the British police arrive and question me about it! Damn! Hard lessons learnt! I still need to get a reference from this company. Be careful what you say 🙁


Grow the f up

Location: Usa
Job: Admin

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  • You are 32 years old
  • You drink like a fish publicly, then think it’s ok to treat people like shit, to be disgusting towards women, etc
  • You fart in the workplace, belch and think it’s ok to show off your snots
  • You are an abysmal failure as a human
  • I am sick of you always taking care of your friends at work
  • It’s enough we have to work twice as hard to keep the princesses happy


This workplace is the embodiment of lunacy

Location: USA

It’s never too much for this piece of shit workplace to suck balls. It just has no limits when it comes to sucking big hairy stinking balls. I am always fucking bored. I get a small walk around the place just to refresh my blood cycle. I get so damn fucking bored the moment I sit on my chair and I constantly feel like I’m gonna fall unconscious and fall asleep because of how overwhelmingly fucking this job is. There is something to do but my GODDDD it’s so gloriously BORING and too much work. It’s very very fucking demanding too and the pay is very utter shit and requires a lot of work.Continue reading


I’m over it, I am done.

Location: USA

Where do I even begin? My boss seems like he doesn’t realize the amount of work I’m doing. He doesn’t even know how to do my job, so if I have a question he’ll just spew nonsense and ask me questions and I get out of his office not having a clear answer most of the time. The thing is, I am the only one doing this secretary work. Even though I am supposed to write court papers, I got thrown in here doing this famous Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V bullshit job instead and not getting paid enough, and my god it’s immensely boring as fuck, and this boss of mine always, and I do mean always, gives me this “rushed” paperwork to do and leaves me to neglect the other papers. It gets so stressful because for the “rushed” papers I gotta go upstairs and it’s a huge building so I gotta go back and forth from the ground floor to the 2nd one which it feels like I’m neglecting the other papers because of this ass-kissing rushed work. He also kinda complains about the papers I have not done yet. How the fuck are you expecting me to finish them if I’m mostly going to the 2nd floor and you’re not letting me finish the old papers?Continue reading


Job interview and offer

Location: UK
Job: Engineer

I went for a 2-hour interview which was highly technical, but during that interview I told them how much I was on and my current package and bonus. The manager said ,”Well, I have to be fair to everybody.” I didn’t pay that much attention, but I thought if there was an offer I wouldn’t be getting a big jump.

Well, when the offer came in, it was nearly £3000 less than what I was earning. Fucking three grand WTF? What type of chump drops in salary for taking a risk and doing a similar job? Look, I’m too long in the tooth to give a fuck about everybody else. I have heard that shit before. So why would I want work for you for less money?Continue reading