No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Location: United States
Job: Customer Care Representative

When I first started working for my company some nine years ago now, they had Leave Without Pay (LWOP), Unscheduled Necessary Time Off (UNTO), move leave, and Manager Approved Time Off (MATO), and Paid Time Off (PTO). All but move leave and MATO could be accrued with tenure.

Then they were bought out. Our job stayed the same, policies stayed the same, just the company name and logo changed. No biggie. Then the project I worked for was bought out by another company that said, no more work from home. Okay, they showed just an ounce of loyalty by moving many of us to other projects within the company. With seven and a half years invested already, I said yes.Continue reading


Getting worse by the day

Location: Australia
Job: Administration

Never in a million years would I picture myself having to take out my workplace ranting online…usually only my closest friends and family get to hear these almost daily rants. Now that I’ve found this site I’m sure they are secretly cheering. Any kind of ranting is unhealthy because aren’t we supposed to love the work we do? I mean you should, right? You spend more time at work than at home. More time seeing the lazy arse bludgers you are supposed to call colleagues…team mates…than your own family. It gives me a migraine when I try to calculate this as a percentage of my life that I am in this office.

Now most people would say just resign. Obviously the solution, right? But it’s not that simple and to be honestly truthful, it comes down to:

  1. Need to support my family
  2. Need to pay the mortgage
  3. I’m at an age where I can’t go through the interview and learning process of another jobContinue reading

You think you’ve got it bad??

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Job: Lab rat

The bitch who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but herself and her fat ass side kick need to go! We bust our asses every day trying to make it to 3:30 without being demoralized or degraded by dummies (T & A) who have no people/management skills

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. The turnover rate in micro is insane!!

  • Why does no one want to work in micro? Because everybody T is a bitch!
  • Why do people keep quitting? Because T is a bitch.
  • Why do we have to keep hiring travelers to fill all our vacant positions?? Because T is a bitch.

No wonder our department has the lowest employee satisfaction rate every year…


Trying to make me look bad

Location: Illinois
Job: PM

So my colleague scheduled a meeting with two senior leaders and myself last week. I wasn’t able to join in person – client onsite – so I dialled in to colleague’s bridge. Waited 15 mins, no one showed up, texted said colleague and our boss asking if meeting was still taking place – heard nothing. So, I dropped from the line and sent an email saying I waited and to let me know if rescheduled. A few hours later, I get a call from colleague apologizing, they forgot about me, they forgot to open the bridge. They still had the meeting, colleague was to give me an overview, that never happened.

Another meeting – same topic/project – was scheduled for today. I went out of my way to be onsite for the meeting and ended up sitting in a conference room for 15 mins waiting for the others to join. Only to find them meeting in bosses office – and I had just seen my colleague in the hall, told him I was waiting in the conference room. I stand in the doorway to bosses office and ask if this is where the meeting got moved to and was told ‘kind of’, I asked him why he didn’t come get me and I got some lame bs about only being a few mins.Continue reading


I cant deal with this

Location: USA
Job: Cashier

I just started working at a famous fast food restaurant as my first job and I’m sick and tired of it already

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. Half of the managers don’t like their job and have a fucking attitude when they show up to work and want to be rude and all, and the other half don’t know how to speak clear English and constantly talk about you in Spanish with the other coworkers which is so rude! I’m a cashier and literally when I’m done with the order this fucking bitchy manager goes like “mak da coffee, mak da coffee, mak da coffee,” Like every fucking 10 seconds and its fucking annoying like WHY CANT YOU MAKE IT YOURSELF YOU’RE CLEARLY DOING NOTHING and then while I’m making the coffee a customer shows up and she’s like “Mama there’s a customer take da order” LIKE WTF DO U WANT ME TO DO TAKE ORDERS OR MAKE THE DAMN COFFEE its fucking annoying like there’s other staff that can do that too stop telling me to “mak da coffee” every fucking 5 seconds.Continue reading