You’re an asshole

C, you are the most miserable, vindictive, micromanaging, useless piece of shit that I have had the misfortune to work with.

I’m just happy that I left you floundering when you’ve had all the assistant managers of the other sites walked out or were in the process of doing so, plus the other 10 members of support staff (we are a small organisation based in one city over a handful of sites, so you can imagine the impact of this).

You came in with no experience of the company and I believe that you made me copy you into EVERY EMAIL because you didn’t know what the fuck you were doing, rather than to keep you informed of current, minor events.

Good luck on your impending nervous breakdown you dried-up old bitch. I may be getting paid slightly less in my new job and have to travel an extra 30 minutes to work, but at least I can sleep safe in the knowledge that I never have to see your c**ting face first thing in the morning.

I’m not sure what you’re problem is – either your parents didn’t love you as a child, or your husband isn’t fucking you enough, but don’t take it out on staff.

This is a job with great responsibilities – it is in the care sector. Please do not sign your loved ones up with this company. They will not get the care that they deserve and the incompetence moves all the way up to the top like a cancer.

Only a matter of time before you go on sick and never come back, which happens frequently in this place – very sinister, or get fired

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. The only thing I regret is that I’m not going to be there when it happens.

You are that deluded, hostile and arrogant that I think that YOU are the one that needs to be cared for, you fucking old bitch. Go fuck yourself.

Lots of love you c**t, see you in hell xxx

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