You’re abusive

You have a “wheel of encouragement” filled with humiliating and demeaning tasks that you make people spin for any reason you feel like. You do it if they performed well, you do it if they screwed something up. You do it if you’re having a bad morning. You do it if you think it will be funny.

You purposely exclude people from things whenever they upset you and you choke them down and try to hinder their growth for no apparent reason.

You play favorites all the time. If one of your favorites refuses to do their work or throws a tantrum you bend over backwards trying to make sure they’re happy, but if anyone else brings you a legitimate concern you make their life miserable.

On that note, you’ve loudly and openly bragged about making people’s lives miserable to force them to quit just because you didn’t like them.

You never listen, even when the person you’re talking to is making well-reasoned points. I’ve literally seen you tell people, “I’m sure you’ve got reasons for thinking this, but I’m not going to hear them or entertain the notion that this might be a good idea.

You punish people for seemingly no reason sometimes.

You never respond to emails more than one or two lines in length but then get upset with people and claim they never communicate with you.

You take off more work than anyone I’ve ever met. Hands down. I don’t care what time you got here, I work late/early too and I don’t take three months of vacation time a year.

You’re openly racist and homophobic.

You can’t be trusted to do what you say you will, or take credit for your mistakes, or keep your promises.

You once got mad at me for not responding to a text message outside of work hours because I was asleep.

You once tased an employee because you thought it would be funny.

You once assaulted an employee for disagreeing with you.

You are an abusive, dishonest, manipulative, gaslighting piece of scum, and after I’m gone, I can’t wait to see you finally push someone too far and cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I only hope you don’t fuck up bad enough to bring everyone else down with you, because they deserve better than you. Anyone does.

Drop dead.

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