You’re a delusional mess.

You have no idea what you’re doing to the studio. You suck the energy out of the room as soon as you enter. We don’t appreciate it when you bomb our creative concepts and then present them back to us days later as your own thoughts. It’s frustrating beyond measure. You will be the demise of the entire agency and that’s a fact. You completely over sold the job in the interview and my colleagues completely agree. You said you’d been using freelancers but had decided to build a permanent team, yet now it turns out that you retrenched almost the entire staff with no notice or severance package just months before employing the new team, myself included. Nobody feels secure in their position and you are the primary cause of the anxiety and depression that we take home with us on a daily basis. It’s painful just walking through the door every morning knowing that I’ll need to contend with several unpredictable personality switches over the course of the day.

I genuinely fear for my sanity. My partner has begged me to leave my job as your negativity has even infiltrated my household. I cannot begin to adequately express how much I loath your sickening narcissism. The fact that you are so quick to name drop all these amazing industry leaders as your friends, yet upon further investigation, these impressive men and women don’t even know you exist.

I’ve watched you belittle and humiliate my colleagues by aggressively shifting blame onto them for your own mistakes. Perhaps you’d be more conscious of what’s happening in the agency if you didn’t sit on Facebook all day watching videos of God-knows-what – yes, we can hear you chuckling away in your office.

The way you speak to your wife on the phone is repulsive. I feel like I need to make it my personal mission in life to rescue her from your toxic grip. That poor, poor woman. You have this bizarre spiritual ego which I am frankly perplexed by, as if you’re some enlightened being, chosen by Buddha himself to tell the people around you how to do their jobs. It’s abundantly clear that you have no idea what you’re doing. A bowl of spaghetti would do a better job than you do. Yes. In my mind, you have been reduced to less than a bowl of spaghetti.

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