You wanna know WHY healthcare costs so much??? I WILL TELL YOU!!!

I work in a healthcare company billing office. This place is corrupt beyond any and all definitions of the word “corrupt”!!!! Seriously!

These dipshits are the most UNprofessional, moronic, brain dead, fuktards that have ever existed! The so-called “management” of this place are nothing more than over-paid secretaries who only know how to do ONE thing……..sign their name on a piece of paper, and most of them can’t even do THAT correctly, IF AT ALL!

This company is full of brain dead morons who have NO CLUE what the fuck they are doing, much less know what professionalism IS or how to BE professional! It’s a goddamned daycare center of spoiled, disgusting monstrous brats!!!! NO MANNERS, NO ETIQUETTE, NO COMMON SENSE, NO MORALS, NO ETHICS, NO BRAINS!!!!

Paperwork is constantly fucked up because nobody can be bothered to double check anything before it leaves their desk, so they pass it off to the next person who has to deal with the account

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. And it keeps going like that, down the line, until it gets sent back to the first person who touched the account, to do it over because it’s all fucked up!!! And then it starts all over again! It takes WEEKS, and MASSES of paperwork to do one patients account CORRECTLY because none of these fuktards know what the hell they are doing…….and they certainly don’t give a damn!

The “management” of this company is a fucking joke of jokes!!! They have absolutely NO MANAGEMENT SKILLS OF ANY KIND! My manager claims she went to college and graduated, but she doesn’t know the first thing about management! None of them do! They all got their positions through nepotism apparently. The entire company is fucking three ring circus from hell, and they spend more money than they bring in, because they have no clue how to run an organization like this!

Everybody does their own thing, even though the company constantly preaches “teamwork”……they don’t live by what they preach. Nobody wears the proper clothes to work, or shoes, and most of them come to work smelling like the proverbial French whore, which makes other people sick and nauseous all day long.

There are no protocols or guidelines or operating procedures of any kind, it’s all “whatever”. It’s all fucked up beyond being fucked up. It would take 30 years or more to clean this company up of all the corruption, lethargy, and illegal acts that go on every single day!

THIS………….THIS is why healthcare costs so much! These companies refuse to hire PROFESSIONAL people who KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE DOING! And they REFUSE to hire PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED MANAGEMENT that know HOW to manage!

It’s a fucking FREE FOR ALL, and the customer pays out the ass for it!!!

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