You stupid little c**t

Hey Agnes! Go fuck yourself, you insecure, demeaning, lying, sack of rhinoceros excrement. I’ve caught you in so many lies and exaggerations, it’s fucking pathetic. You can take your insecurities out on someone else now. You’re such an asshole. I’ve been on to you and your bullshit for months now. You’re not fooling anyone…I take that back…you’re only fooling your dim-witted idiot business partners, who like you, think their shit don’t stink. Mark my words, you miserable bitch…they’ll figure you and your bullshit lies out sooner rather than later and when they do, I can’t wait to hear about it.

News travels fast in this business and when it does, I’ll be sure to be doing a “ha-ha-you-fucking-loser-idiot” dance right the fuck in front of you with the biggest shitty-ass grin on my face, laughing my ass off. Thank goodness I’m not your punching bag anymore. Good luck finding someone with my skill set, years of experience, and stellar selling skills. I’ll bet your husband can’t stand the sight of your annoying stupid ass. why the fuck do you think he’s “so grumpy” every time he has to hear your sorority girl-esque annoying fucking voice whenever you call him during the day?! Everyone I know thinks you’re a fake-ass wanna-be. I’d tell you to suck my tit, but if that ever happened, I’d surely vomit…oh but wait…if I vomited, while you were sucking my tit, it would land all the fuck over you…so yeah, go ahead and suck my tit you stupid cunty ass bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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