You said you had no time

This crazy busy office needs more staff. I work 55-60 hours a week and when I am home I am still thinking of the office and what needs to be done and what I need to do and how am I going to get it all done. I work in my sleep and wake up exhausted. We have a new staff member – well, she has been here a year and a half. She is still bartending 3 nights a week because she is afraid to let it go and get her fucking lazy mother fucking husband to get a second job. Therefore, she misses out on a lot of overtime. If she worked the overtime I offered her she wouldn’t have to work so many crappy hours at that bar…but she wants that cash in her hand. So stupid.

I offer her overtime and she says she can’t do it because she is just worn out or she wants to come in on Saturday afternoon about 4:00 p.m. when I am leaving and this is not an area I would leave her alone in. Me, I can shoot my way in and out of the door, but her, she needs assistance. When I get here at 8 am on Saturday morning I have no intention of staying later than 4!

I offered overtime and she said no. I have a retired friend that is happy to come in from time to time to catch me up. All I have to do is point and it’s done. I let the full-time staff girl know my friend was coming in one day this week and she started acting like I was taking something away from her. I asked her if she had a problem with it and she said she could do the work. I asked her when and she said now, today or tomorrow. I said, what about the work I have already assigned to you last week that still isn’t complete? She said… Oh, I forgot about that. <— NO SHIT YOU FORGOT!

No fucking shit stupid! Quit your second job and work here or leave. I can’t take you any more.

You sleep in your car in the morning and are late coming in. You sleep in the lunch room and are late coming back in from lunch. If someone wakes you then you get so upset about being found asleep. You freak out if someone else comes into the restroom to pee when you are in there peeing. Yelling, “I am uncomfortable, I am uncomfortable!” only makes you look like the insecure idiot you are. Jeez you make me fucking crazy.

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