You make me sick

Every day my manager breezes in and greets her favourites with a hug and a loud rundown of her tedious evening or weekend. She’s seated me with my back to them all just to make me feel like part of the team. Well thank fuck I’m not one of you. You are a mean, nasty, useless bitch – you couldn’t care a less about me or any of my common sense ideas but you surround yourself with subordinate minions who like nothing better than to stroke your ego. If they bent you over and licked your arse openly in the office I would not be surprised. You work for a non-profit but you spend our members’ money like it’s going out of fashion – it’s called ‘networking’ apparently. Well it’s funny that you don’t ever seem to bring any money in yourself even though that’s your job. Hey, at least you get to put on a posh frock and flirt with a bunch of ugly old men a couple of times a month which seems to be your favourite pastime

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. You are meant to be someone we should all look up to because you’ve been around since the dinosaurs and have a few letters after your name – well frankly I think you talk shit and I couldn’t care a less about how ‘important’ you think you are. You make me sick.

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