You Idiot Boss

The fuck is wrong with you?! Our place of business is a wreck and you refuse to have anyone fix it! You won’t hire professionals to clean it and you won’t allow us to clean it. There is mold for God’s sake and you just leave it there! People are going to get sick and you don’ care! All you care about is saving money, which includes kicking us out earlier so we don’t have time to clean anything. If an inspector comes in, our business will be closed down but you don’t care. All you can think about is making more money and you can’t bear the thought of closing down for a couple of days in order to give the place the deep cleaning it needs. It is inevitable that our business will close down because of safety issues but you insist on gambling our careers anyway. You are a fucking moron who makes terrible decision on top of terrible decision. Our workplace goes through so many people because you are a dumbass who makes shitty decisions, refuses to clean up the mold in the workplace, and work your employees to death on other projects while you do jack shit.

You say that you went to a famous school? I have no doubt that they would revoke your degree if they knew of the shit you pull. You make a mockery out of your profession and your peers would undoubtedly look at you as an embarrassment. It’s bad enough that you gamble our careers on your cheap attitude, but think of it this way. When the business does close down because of the health issues that you could have fixed, we will lose our jobs but you will lose a business that you opened.

You are a fucking moron, and you deserve the catastrophe heading your way. I just hope we can jump ship before it happens.

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