Yeah, I’m done!

I could text you all this, but no, I’ll pass. You will only turn it around to your advantage. Fuck your little supervisor of a son you raise. He is a piece of fucking shit. I’m glad we already broke up. Fuck you for making me go through hell during the coronavirus bull shit. You treated me like total shit. After this coronavirus rolled in you turned into an asshole. You said I was worthless and that I should of been paid less because to you I didn’t do half the job like you and your son did. I am very new to the industry and you had no patience for me. I gave up on this business. I should of left even sooner. You always said I had a horrible work ethic. Fuck you dude! I fucking talked to all my old co-workers and they said I was great. Fuck this job fuck you. Keep your fucking money! I’m good!!! I just want both of you fucks out of my life for good. I’m so fucking done with you shit heads. Good riddance! 😡😡😡

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