I am SO tired of this woman!

She’s old, been working at this place since it opened and has surpassed all management in this store. So, she believes that she is entitled to special treatment. I would say that is all in her head, but for some reason upper management will only slap her on the wrist for instances that she should have lost her job. She is pushy, lazy, controlling, manipulative and 100% selfish. Whenever she doesn’t get her way she calls upper management and HR and cries. I have caught her in so many lies it’s ridiculous. The worst part of all of this is that everyone else who doesn’t work close with her can only see a sweet old lady. So when I’m at my wits end with her people just look at me as the asshole because they don’t know how she truly is.

I have an unusual work schedule and work a whole shift before she even comes in. She takes her sweet time (punched in of course) and it is about an hour before I can get off register and do my actual manager job. But to her, I am leaving her alone up front to ring out the customers by herself. Even though that’s her job! Cashier is to ring out customers, the job description is in the title of her position! Of course my boss only puts me and her on in the morning and refuses to schedule another person. So this in turn causes her to call upper management and HR crying and lying her ass off saying I’m not helping and I refuse to help and whatever else she can come up with to get them to feel pity for her. Which then I am forced to not only do my management job, but to run up front and help her with the staggering line of three people. To put the cherry on top of this shit Sunday, she has to scream my name when she wants help. Not call or yell, but give out a banshee shriek that will haunt my nightmares forever. The worst part is, customers think it’s hysterical. They laugh and play along calling me like a slave to go tend to her master. When I’m not running back and forth I’m having to be stuck up front to let her go to the bathroom for ten minutes at a time so she can check her phone and scratch her lottery ticket she bought when she thought no one was looking (told that to my boss and again, nothing happened).

She wants the scoop on everyone’s lives and will try to either butter you up for information or bully you into giving it to her. Then she will turn around and tell everybody about your personal business and try to use that against you. If she doesn’t like management (me in particular) she has no problem telling all the customers how horrible I am and our boss is and how this company is awful. I could be in ear shot and she has no problem telling regular customers, that I see every day, how I’m lazy and all I do is sit on my ass out back and let her do all the work.

She is the most miserable person I have ever met. She is such a two-faced horrible person that I never want to ever see again. She gets you stuck in her web and keeps you there until she’s ready to use you. I feel sorry for anyone who works with her. All she wants to do is use this place and everyone in it. She cares for no one, I don’t even think she cares for her own daughter. It’s like her whole life outside of work is out of control, so she tries to control the one thing in her life she thinks she can. Sad and pathetic. I would like to say that I would stroll into this place after I have quit and rub in her face about all the things I know she wants in life. But she’s not worth my time. I can’t wait for the day that I forget about her and she’s nothing but a distant memory!

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