Let me just start off by saying if you ever think Hollister is not as good as Abercrombie, well you’re wrong. I’ve worked for both stores and let me tell you Abercrombie has to be the worst job an average teenager could have. We never meet our store’s goal because no one shops there so all of our managers are crab cakes all the time and hardly bother to say hey or what’s up when someone clocks in. Since there are never any customers and the store is somewhat big, I’m just standing there for 5 hours with nothing to do. They tell us to refold clothes if we’re ever bored. But we’re always bored. So who in their right mind wants to fold clothes that are already folded for hours?!

And since 80% of our costumers are from out of the country I happen to get cursed out in another language once a week because they can’t seem to understand that you only get 20$ off if you sign up for our rewards program. The way they pay is joke. We get paid bi-weekly. Let’s say I work 2 weeks then leave. After 2 weeks that Friday I would only get paid for the 1st week, then an additional 2 weeks later get paid for the 2nd week. I’ve had 3 jobs before Abercrombie and I’m a sophomore in college and have never received pay like that nor have heard of anyone getting paid like that. It throws off my budget and it’s stupid. And Abercrombie is stupid. And working for Hollister is 1000 times over better than working for Abercrombie.

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