Will my time ever come?

So is it just me, or do other people feel like they are constantly overlooked at work? We have just been told that we are over budget with staffing and that there is no way that I will get a promotion. That’s fine I understand that, I get it, I like to think I am a smart cookie. Then the next second, one executive has been promoted to level 2 and an additional executive level 2 is hired as well, Wtaf? I have been trying to get my two staff members promoted to the next level for 6 months now and I personally have not had a promotion for 5 years

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. I am always the first to take on more work when needed and my staff are always happy and engaged. But because I am not prepared to blow smoke up anyone’s bum and because I advocate for my staff, I have again, been overlooked. Just when two other ladies I work with that are in other teams have been given promotions that are warranted. Why can I never be in the team that promotes fairly and honestly? I am really happy for the other two girls but inside I am dying and feel like bursting into tears. I apply for every promotion that I can and ask for feedback on what I can do to improve my chances, and I never get one. I know it isn’t a take turn thing, but when you have paid your dues and done everything right , surely that should be rewarded too?

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  1. My time never comes either. I’m starting to think it never will. Maybe good people aren’t supposed to get good results.

  2. First I am sorry that is happening. You deserve it and have earned it. It shows how WEAK the people authorizing the promotions are. Sounds like they want weak yes people so no one sees how unqualified THEY are..think about it.

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