Why God Why?

Why oh Lord why did they have to hire this so called “human being” to be assistant manager? I just honestly have no idea why of all the fucking people in retail she had to be the fucking person. She has the motivational skills of a fish on the beach and looks like she is about to get outta bed all the time, and acts like she’s constantly got something massive up her ass.

I mean my God she always feels the need to point out how much “hard work” she does in the day, when she always bitches and moans every time she has to do something as menial as serve a single customer, and my God can she do anything by herself? She always feels the need to have everyone but me help her out with some easy as fuck task while I am by myself out front dealing with the most annoying stupid kinda people you could possibly imagine, and whenever anything even a little bit wrong happens she’s gotta blame me for it even when I am not even in the store for the last week, it’s somehow my fault.

And when customers are around she isn’t shy about moaning and bitching about everything under the sun and how “awful” and “unsuited” I am to the job. I mean fuck that bitch who is she to say when she does nothing to benefit the store or anyone working there?

It’s shit cos I get on with everyone else working there except her. Whenever the manager is off I always feel like jumping off something high cos I know she’s gonna be in charge and my life is gonna be hell there. You ever have that boss who always has to put you down and make you feel like shit for no reason or for the smallest most stupid reasons possible? That’s her. I mean if I make a tiny little mistake she accuses me of not listening to her at all. I mean I don’t understand how she’s in charge of a bath let alone a shop.

Oh man that felt good thank you all for listening to me and my rant on that stupid bitch!

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