Why don’t you leave?

Your level of entitlement is insane. You are deluded. Your job is simple, but you either can’t or won’t do it. Instead, you think you should be able to do everyone else’s job, except you are neither qualified to do this, nor capable. Every day you bring a ‘good idea’, I know that you think it’s a good idea because you start by saying “I’ve got a good idea”, but to anyone sane, it’s a shit idea. It’s usually either self-serving or moronic. It never has anything to do with what we are trying to achieve. Recently, you tried for promotion, but you don’t have the skills, experience or qualifications necessary. That didn’t stop you though. Your self-belief is admirable, and you are not held back by facts. However, no other person can see your worth like you can, and you were not successful this time. So, we must now cope with your anger and tantrums and sulks. And increased, daily ‘good ideas’.

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