Why am I even here?

I really should have never came back to China. These people are fucking ridiculous. They fucking EXPECT you to work on weekends for free because they set the product release date way too early. And no, instead of rescheduling it we have to come in on weekends and work 9 hours in exchange for one extra vacation day this year. Last Saturday I had a schedule conflict so I came in for 6 hours. I told them I wanted to come in on Sunday instead, but they forced me to come in on Saturday. And then they fucking told me it didn’t count and I wouldn’t get any compensation for working extra hours, squeezing my own time to make time for office. Are you kidding me I bust my ass off for you, I fucking rushed over as soon as I was done and went home at 9PM, and I don’t even get paid. Stop telling me this is how China works. This is not how I work.

And these people are just insane. There’s this guy that wrote a piece of code and shared it with me. So I used it. And then this guy flipped out and complained to my boss about how I used his code without talking to him and how he doesn’t want me to use the code at all. WTF you shared your code with me. We work for the same company. I asked you a hundred questions about your code and how to use it. You were just doing it to show off???

And stop giving me all that tone. If you don’t understand my research, stop giving me all those ridiculous ideas on what I should do. Stop nitpicking everything. I spent MONTHS developing this shit. I read more literature than you probably did in your entire life. Shut the fuck up about how you don’t like my project. Your amateurish opinions are laughable. And just STOP talking to me in that stupid condescending tone. Besides being 20 years older, you have nothing over me. Don’t fucking tell me that you look at things deeper than I do. You don’t. You just can’t understand any technicalities. So you criticize everything that you can’t understand, which is EVERYTHING.

Gosh why am I even wasting my life working for this pathetic excuse of a company? I really should never have came back to China. These people don’t have a clue and they abuse people who actually get shit done.

I want out. Seriously. I want out.

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