Who do you think you are?


I don’t know who you think you are. You come in one week and start complaining to your whole team about how your boyfriend chucked you out of the car, expecting sympathy from your managers. Working in a company like this won’t earn you any pity points, let me assure you, and it certainly won’t win over other members of your team.

Then there is the matter of unsettled trades that are completely your responsibility and you failed to check some of them properly, resulting in the transactions having to be put in again. Not as good as one of your team likes to think you are, hey?

Block-booking random days off even though you’ve only been working for us for 5 months. Planning on finding a job elsewhere, hmmm? Would explain why you’ve almost maxed out your entire annual leave and stopping everyone else from taking any time off. Wouldn’t surprise me why none of the team really like you.

Oh, and complaining about how the company isn’t giving you this, that and the other in terms of benefits? Excuse me? As I said before, you’ve only been working for the company for FIVE MONTHS and you think you’re entitled to more than others who have been here longer than you….

Grow up, love. You may be good at your job but you are not as indispensable as you think you are. You could be almost made for the job you do but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from being gotten rid of. Bear in mind, you are BACKFILL staff – and very soon your job will cease to exist.

Want my advice since you’re producing all these problems? Find another job.

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