Where do I even work for this guy?

I love it (not really).

So my boss comes in to my office to ask my opinion on a special concrete detail drawing he sketched up (by hand). I give him my opinion:

ME: “You probably should ask the structural engineer about where more reinforcement wire and bars should be added, especially near the corners and thickness.”

BOSS: “Well that’s just a detail that can be figured out by them.”

ME: (Thinking… by whom? The contractor? The structural engineer?) “Well, true, I guess we can always review the shop drawings later.”

BOSS: “Why? I don’t really care about the shop drawings.”

ME: “Well, you do understand that when the sidewalk is built in this configuration it acts like a beam, and should be reinforced as such.”

BOSS: “Well, yeah, but they will figure that out.”

ME: (again, who?… WTF!!!) “Ok, well, to answer the question, I suppose the geometry is appropriate.”

I mean, seriously, WHY does he ask for my opinion? Just to see if I will give one that he ACTUALLY values? Or just to make himself feel superior about his own thinking?

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