What on earth is going on??!!

This is the worst place ever. The place is toxic and destroying our lives. No process, no direction, no support. Fucking making it up as we go along. I can’t believe this place I literally can’t. I wonder who else will write on here about this death trap. All it’s doing is slowly chipping away at our mental health, our dignity, our souls.

Half of them can’t be trusted. Disgusting underhanded shenanigans of the devil’s kind going on, and for what? No one cares in this place. It’s a conveyor belt for bad choices and bad news. It’s meant to be where people can go and be supported. Instead you’re interviewed by complete zombies that if not for other factors in their lives could be somewhere and should be somewhere else. Toxic toxic toxic.

Oh my gosh this place 🤦🏻‍♀️ Followed by the hand slowly dragging down your face one gazillion times.

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