Whack Job Making It Feel Elementary School

These last few weeks, I feel like I’m back in elementary school because of a two-faced whack job who gets herself into a big, hot emotional mess when things don’t go her way.

MM has been giving me the silent treatment for the past several weeks because her plan to get another employee in trouble (“Jackass James”) backfired, and I’m paying the price for it.

Here’s the story: Jackass James (again not his real name) was caught breaking an office rule which MM informed me on. Our boss was out of the office so I was left in charge. Usually, I would let it go because the rule he broke was really not a big deal, but MM kept pissing and moaning about it, complaining he always gets away with everything, wah, wah, wah… So, just to shut her up, I confronted him on it. He must have known it was her who ratted him out because as a result, he distanced himself from her.

The next day, I gave my boss the heads up of what happened (like I usually do when the boss is out) behind closed doors. I found out later MM was crying to the department head how she can’t take it here anymore, and really carrying on while I was in the office with the boss.

So now, MM is giving me the silent treatment because of what happened, causing tension in the office. Not only is she giving me the silent treatment, but she is doing very melodramatic things like not parking her car near mine, not leaving together during lunch, and finds things to do to avoid us leaving together when our shift ends.

So I text her to see what was wrong to break the ice a little. She replies back, “Nothing. I’m fine.” So I left it at that even though I know she’s full of shit. So another week goes by and I text her again, “So I take it you’re still mad at me..” (A little snarky I know, but 3 weeks of silent treatment over something stupid like this, but hey!) This time, she came back to me in person and bit my head off so now she can go fuck herself at this point.

What baffles me about this whack job is that for years, MM complains about Jackass James (as well as our other coworkers) on a daily basis, but does a 180 and says “he’s such a nice person…” and compliments him on other things because she and him have some interests in common.

I don’t know. People think I make this shit up, but I’m not. Hopefully, she’ll retire in a few years, even though she bitched about that too (“Why people think I’m going to retire?!” but then says I can’t wait for the time I can retire…) I love what I do and I’m not going to let this whack job ruin it for me.

So happy to find this site to get this off my chest.

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