We are not slaves/numbers/a slice of the budget

I don’t know what it is with retail and treating employees badly. I work for a retail/wholesalers who claim to treat their employees well

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. They are very generous. That’s quite true. The wage and benefits are good (compared to most other retailers). But it’s starting to seem, that in return for this, you have to become a slave. You have to sacrifice your life. It doesn’t matter if you have a life outside of work. You will change your schedule at a moment’s notice, you will work too many hours, or too little. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been there or how hard you work. You can’t have time off because it’s too much hassle for them to work out the rota. It doesn’t matter if you’re entitled or within your right to reasonably expect that time off. It’s just, ‘NOPE’.

You are just a number of hours to allocate into a week, part of the wage budget for your department. It feels like it’s a case of, you are paid well enough, you’re given a couple of perks, and that’s enough to keep you as a hard-working, motivated, committed employee. You’re not going to leave because your work experience means a similar job, and similar jobs are unlikely to have the wage/benefits you have now. You keep brewing your discontentment if you like, because we’re not going to do anything about it, we’ll just wait for your soul to die so you stop complaining and just get on with it. Well that’s just shit. I am very much hoping that I can hand in my notice very soon, and hope you get the message that you cannot think like this. That respect and compassion for employees goes a long way, and that giving them a decent work-life balance is more important than dangling a carrot of gradual pay increases.

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