I don’t even know where to begin. I am bewildered that our boss actually believes your constant ridiculous bullshit stories, your excuses, and your lies! Seriously, I shake my fucking head in disbelief! You actually think you are a good person. Let me say that an actual good person does not have to convince others that you are! I’m so sick and tired of watching you lie your way out of working!

I’m sick and tired of you talking shit about everyone you know! I know you talk shit about me too. You are nothing but a two-faced lying manipulative conniving c**t! You are not only a shitty coworker, you are a shitty person, shitty wife and a shitty mother! Your kids are assholes! They are spoiled little twats and the other one is a fucking little pissy!

I used to feel sorry for your husband but I’ve come to realize he deserves what he gets, he encourages you to lie to the boss so you can skip out of work early. Heaven forbid you EVER stay at work ALL day! But get pissed when anyone else has to leave early, for legit reasons. Get pissed if someone calls off because that only means you actually have to stay there and not run out to go get your fucking nails done!

You may think that you get away with shit and I believe your pathetic endless lies… I don’t! You may think everyone likes you, they don’t and those who do just don’t know you well enough, and yes, you do make mistakes that I fix! You are far from perfect. You throw everyone you can under the bus. You talk behind everyone’s back. I hope you get what’s coming to you!

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