Useless lying fuck

And again…3 years in post…still completely shite in every way. Late every day with new excuses. Not working to the (very fair) targets set. (Everyone else is and has forever). When pulled – tears and/or new excuses. Latest is a funeral of a family friend – tears to gain sympathy and hints at how mean I am for not giving another day off paid. (Had to use leave). Has every year been off sick 3 weeks minimum. Tries to blag extra leave for made up things every month. Late every single day and pretends she stayed later, but when challenged as she was nowhere to be seen, has given excuses including – writing notes in car (when challenged as car had gone – was in the toilet…), making a call ‘outside’, the list goes on… Can’t discipline as when tried she suddenly remembered she had a learning impairment. No reports exist however. So we have to pay for an assessment. Apparently it hasn’t been an issue in workplaces before because they didn’t have as many difficult locks and keys. Ffs fuck off time-wasting shit head

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