Useless lying fuck again

Really????? You really think that your response is valid and acceptable? Are you a real person? Do you have the slightest understanding that other people might actually exist and be affected by your hugely shit ways? Do you think you should be paid for being a massive twat all day everyday?

It would be funny if it was on TV but in real life you are just a cunt. A cunt that should fuck off. Forever.

Latest answer to being pulled for being late every day: “It’s not my fault the traffic is bad. You gave me the job and you knew where I lived.”

Latest answer to repeated pattern of short-term illness, hovering at the threshold of losing pay: “You’re making me be afraid of being off sick.”

Do me a favour. Stay at home. Don’t come back. Don’t ever come back again. Fuck off you shit waste of space. The job is working with vulnerable people. They matter. Your colleagues matter. Fuck off and let someone who cares do the job.

Stay at home and be tired, sad, ill, useless in your own time, at your own expense.


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