Unfair weekends

Sick and tired of being rostered on every fucking Sunday and most Saturdays!!! You CANNOT fairly rotate the weekends between 3 people! EVERYONE needs to have weekend availability so the weekends can be fairly distributed. But no. Almost EVERYONE has decided they can’t do weekends or can’t do all day weekends because they have a life and sanity and they need to have time for themselves to spend with loved ones… because ya know, I don’t need that or anything.

The person who MAKES the rosters just loves to put HERSELF on Monday to Friday and then say she cant work weekends because she’s there all week. Oh no, don’t bother evenly distributing the week days to other people. Therefore FAIRLY splitting the weekends. Just give yourself the ideal work schedule. I FORGOT that YOU’RE the ONLY one entitled to that. Oh and not to mention we get NO extra pay whatsoever for weekends, public holidays or overtime, and we have a BUTTLOAD of physical work to complete in short amounts of time with a HUGE unpaid break during the middle of the day. AND weekend shifts have LESS staff rostered on and LESS time to do it all in but are JUST as busy as any week day. GET FUCKED.

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