Unfair redundancy practices

Was made redundant in 2015 from a company at very short notice (i.e had ten minutes at the end of the day to leave). I had worked my arse off for this particular company and was at the beginning of my career path in a certain sector. Over the last few years I have had to take any job to survive and all the time trying to upskill to get back into the sector I was made redundant from. I was and still am interested in this sector however it is difficult to get back in since I have had a few years of random jobs and my CV no longer follows a path!

My rant is that I recently discovered that individuals who were not made redundant were doing my job a few months after I left from other unrelated departments and are now in the role I was about to go into back in 2015!!!

This individual has far less qualifications than I do and has completely unrelated experience so this bothers me a lot as I am thinking back to my redundancy and thinking THANKS A FUCKING LOT!!!

The last few years have been horrific in terms of mental health and not being able to secure a job in an industry I was interested in doing well in and had all my qualifications geared towards. So, to the company that I have described above, I will not be giving up and one day I will be back around the table. However, this time I will be telling YOU what to do.

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