Ugh I hate my boss

My boss is so annoying. I’m a medical receptionist in a GP practice in London. This means I’m the messenger to the patients except my boss never imparts any information. Until I happen to notice something and ask him he just never thinks to tell me. Today I noticed that one doctor’s shifts are all blocked off for the next few weeks. I asked what is going on he said ‘oh she’s on maternity leave”!! I didn’t even know she was pregnant and she just left the surgery, I didn’t even get notified. Plus maybe the patients would like to know one of their doctors is leaving?

Also the nurse comes in once a week except she only had appointments on the next 2 weeks, I asked him when he would put her shifts on the system so we could book in patients and he said ‘oh she’s a locum nurse so she’s not in again.’ Cause that’s not something I might need to know and relay to patients, especially when a patient phoned last week and said when will the nurse appointments be up? I said this week, she phones again and complained that I told her this week and they’re still not up on the system. I didn’t know the nurse wasn’t coming at the time so I said my practice manager would be putting the appointments up this week, now when she phoned back I’ll have to set her straight and the patient will complain to me about the incompetence which is actually my manager’s fault!!!

Also I was promised several weeks training at the beginning of the job someone would be sitting by my side for at least 2/6 weeks until I was confident on my own. I got 2 days!

It wasn’t until after a month when I contacted my manager asking for a 1 month evaluation that he said ‘oh yeah there were problems at the other surgery’. Um would have been good to know. Also I have received nothing more than this brushed off cursory acknowledgement since, no acknowledgement in the past 3/4 months that this may affect my performance and knowledge in a role where I’m expected to know everything apparently (and if I don’t know something I’m supposed to be confident in not knowing and finding out even though I don’t even know how to find out and it’s usually so busy I won’t have time to find out.)

Plus he’s also saying the previous receptionist could do everything including spending hours scanning on notes to the system? I have no idea how, it’s so busy and because I don’t know the answers to lots of questions never having received proper training things take longer than they should and my manager seems to be completely unaware of this. He keeps saying Lucy managed to do everything, well Lucy had been there for 9 years!!!!!! I’ve been there 5 months.

Also because no-ones doing the scanning and checking the post for weeks that means letters aren’t going through and I’m having to chase up letters from hospitals that were sent on the day but we’ve not done anything about. And chasing these hospital results is not easy, despite the surgery being in business for 9 years no-one has documented email addresses in a contact list, oh no. I have to phone the main switchboard at the hospitals, go through the computerised phone thing, press 1 for whatever department, stay on hold until I get through ( if it’s longer than 3 minutes I can’t afford to stay on hold because the phones keep ringing on my end and I need to answer them right away.) Once I’ve got through I’m usually then told I need to email or fax over the request over then they’ll send whatever I need across. This takes a lot of f***ing time. Chasing results cannot be a new thing, how am I the first person to start making a contact list of all the departments? Either that or they never needed a contact list because all the results came through and the management weren’t incompetent twats.

Then my boss tells me two contradictory things. After the 1 month he said I was a bit abrupt and people complained when they were waiting on the phone so I should answer the phone first as people in the surgery could see how busy it was and how much the phones kept ringing. Then 3 months later he decides I should be dealing with people in the surgery first because they’re in front of me. Make up your mind? Either way I get shouted at.

All this then despite not having proper training my boss suddenly decides I need to be answering all the emails, out of nowhere, giving me a whole lot of extra work which I’ve not been trained to do so it’ll take so much longer.

Plus one doctor leaves on Thursday lunchtime to work at the other surgery in the afternoon. She complains that she has too much work, too many people on her call list and she should have less. So I put fewer patients on her call list for Thursday lunchtime. Then the senior partner works all day Thursday and complains because I gave him more calls and he’s got more important things to do, I try and explain what the female doctor said and he said just be fair, she then complains again. I can’t win plus if there is a problem with my work they should speak to my manager right? Nope everyone complains to me.

Plus what about the patients? What if they want to talk to a specific doctor because you know, it’s nice to see the same doctor who knows you. Nope, they get what they’re given.

Also my manager told me if needed we can squeeze in babies and young children that really need to be seen at the end of a shift. the female doctor got annoyed about squeezing in patients at the end of the day. I relayed this to my manager and his words were ‘let her complain’ WTF! she’s complaining to me!

Also patients aren’t happy about loads of prescriptions not being done. I’m supposed to be in charge but if they give it in a letter the afternoon receptionist looks at the letters so she puts everything on the pile to be scanned so it never gets seen by anyone for weeks and prescriptions are supposed to be done in 2 days!

Plus I’ve been shouted at at least 5 times by patients, probably a lot more, I’ve cried several times at work because I’ve been shouted at and experienced rudeness.

I was so upset today. I came in and in the first 30 minutes I had to clear up my manager’s mess. A patient spoke once to my manager and then to my afternoon receptionist about a prescription that they needed, they phoned this morning and it was still not done. I actually got a doctor to print it out immediately which she shouldn’t have to do. So I cleaned up his mess also there was something else which I can’t remember but I had to message the same doctor and ask her to do another favour for me because my manager or afternoon colleague didn’t do it.

2 patients complained about me via letter said I was rude and abrupt. It is such a stressful environment and the patients are constantly complaining to me about things which are not in my power to fix and not my fault. Plus people are continually asking for things which they shouldn’t.

Then all prescriptions take 2 days but so many patients come in and say they need it today, or they need it urgently, not because of a mistake on our part but they forgot. Then I give it to the doctors to do in their break then the doctors complain that they’re given too much work and it’s not reasonable but what am I supposed to do? Again they should complain to the manager not me!

I think I’ve worn myself out with this rant.

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