Trying to make me look bad

So my colleague scheduled a meeting with two senior leaders and myself last week. I wasn’t able to join in person – client onsite – so I dialled in to colleague’s bridge. Waited 15 mins, no one showed up, texted said colleague and our boss asking if meeting was still taking place – heard nothing. So, I dropped from the line and sent an email saying I waited and to let me know if rescheduled. A few hours later, I get a call from colleague apologizing, they forgot about me, they forgot to open the bridge. They still had the meeting, colleague was to give me an overview, that never happened.

Another meeting – same topic/project – was scheduled for today. I went out of my way to be onsite for the meeting and ended up sitting in a conference room for 15 mins waiting for the others to join. Only to find them meeting in bosses office – and I had just seen my colleague in the hall, told him I was waiting in the conference room. I stand in the doorway to bosses office and ask if this is where the meeting got moved to and was told ‘kind of’, I asked him why he didn’t come get me and I got some lame bs about only being a few mins.

What gets me, is, apparently, none of them even noticed I wasn’t in the meeting last week – hence, no one bothered to open the conference bridge line. There were only 4 people invited to the meeting!! Wasted my time, leaves me out of the loop and makes me look bad to senior leaders. The only reason I was in the office was for that meeting – and colleague said he had had the conversations about it and would do the work. I had meetings elsewhere today with engineers, and I wasn’t about to stick around. Seriously, I’m looking for a new job. I am too far into my career and too much of a grown up to deal with bs.

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