Treated like a child

I’ve been working at this job for over 2 and a half years now. I’ve had previous jobs so it’s not the first. But I’ve been good at all the jobs they get me to do here, I have some managers reassure me on that. But lately we just have a bunch of ignoramus jerks as managers and leads. They all talk over the radio just to hear themselves talk. But I’ve been doing the same job for almost 2 years on my first sort/half of my work day, and the previous managers over that said I was good. But there are newer people in my area doing the same job as me and they continue to fuck up and the managers come on the radio and try to blame me for it. Even though it’s not my fault. They don’t listen to me and just talk down to me. Anytime I say something to give them a heads up, they ignore me, then turn around and say “why didn’t you say anything, you can’t let this happen!” Like wtf, maybe if y’all weren’t glued to your phones and kept your heads out of your asses you would know I said something.

I hate this job so much. It’s full of entitled little pricks that only get promoted because the company I work for follows a quota of how many of each race they can promote. So since I live in a city with more African Americans, they automatically are considered first. The rest of us are thrown behind and forgotten about, we have to work 10x harder to be recognized

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. And I’ve lost every ability to care. It’s hard to find a job in this city as a white female with no college education. So I guess I’m going back to school to get a degree and get something better where I will be respected for the hard work I put in everyday.

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