Trapped probably forever

I don’t know why I ever thought this job would be a good for for me. Well, yes I do, the money is good, but I don’t know if it’s even worth it. Legitimately feeling like death would be a better option than being here everyday.

I work in the oilfield. My job is to be on site 24/7 for medical assistance. Which is easy enough except I’m constantly relying on other people to do their jobs properly or I don’t get to go home. I live on site, in a tiny shack, never allowed to leave, for weeks at a time. My job is done when everyone on site has done the job that they need to do. But they get to go home at night to their families so they don’t care if they are slow or mess something up causing the job to take a week or 2 longer.

I CARE IF THE JOB TAKES A WEEK OR 2 LONGER. I constantly run out of food and basic toiletries because I’m not allowed to leave and I’m going insaneeeee I haven’t seen anything other than the 4 walls of this shack in weeks. I want to see my family. I want to be able to book a damn doctors appointment and not have to cancel it 3 times because my job goes on too long and I’m still at work. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say I cry at least 5 times a day because I feel so helpless and trapped out here

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Oh and when the job is finally done and the day I’ve been waiting for has finally come, I get a call from my boss saying I’m needed at another site so I can’t take days off just yet… I really think I’d rather be dead than live in this prison everyday, but I have to pay the bills and student loans so I wake up in this hell every single day.

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  1. That sounds awful, you definitely shouldn’t be putting yourself through that. Try searching for another job, getting a smaller place. Student loans don’t need repaying unless you are earning a certain amount and there is no way you can get into trouble for them. It’s much better living in a rented modest place, and working a job your somewhat enjoy, than it is putting yourself through hell to afford bills.

  2. I just cried reading this. I can’t begin to imagine how you feel. That is truly hell. I’m hoping and praying you fond something else soon. That’s a horrible company to expect you to endure that.

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