Total BS

I am one person, that works between two departments. I have so many people bossing me it’s ridiculous. In between being bossed I have been sexually harrassed, threatened, subjected to racism and ageism. You name it I have had to deal with it.

This time last year co-workers brought their bird to work and had it hidden in a separate office. For months I was sick no clue why doctor visit after doctor visit nothing helping… well fuckers I am allergic to birds. They got caught and now a dog, a mentally ill grandmom and of course the bird is back and are in building. I knew because I went into distress at work and couldn’t breathe.

I fucking hate these people I work with! They are lying, cheating and stealing from this hospital. Yes hospital! The fucking stupid HR bitch can’t do anything with these people or the director that allows this bullshit. So all holy hell is gonna happen!

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