To the kissasses of the world

You spend your days jumping around our boss like a puppy.
Anything that is good that you do, anything that is charitable or seemingly kind, you bring to him with a “look at me!” attitude, desperate.
You would run over your grandmother to get to him, doing whatever is necessary to grab attention.
You drink until you are drunk in front of him, act like an ass, and do everything but lick his toes under the table.
Here is a secret….
There is no contest…..
Take him

I have no daddy issues…nope, nothing in my closet.
It is a job…I do it well to pay off my car, house and student loan.
Whether or not he likes me…I don’t give a shit
Have some pride dude, a bit of it…try to grow one ball.
You sit on your ass looking at sports scores, you reek of booze, gamble like a moron…and just suck as a human.
Please, let us all be.

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